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3/21/16 - President in Mahajanga, Splits, & Baptisms

Inona moa ny andro tena tsara eto?  Rehefa mafy ny kaka ary misy batisa!
Hey y'all!  Great week this past week!  Transfers are coming up this Saturday but we kind of already got our news.  I mention it down below.  Let's get to the lettah already :p

- President and the APs came down to Mahajanga for splits, interviews, baptism, etc.  It was awesome!  I got to have my interview on the beach!  What what!  There's a pic of the interview but it totally looks like I'm getting railed on by President.  Haha!  It was an awesome interview and it's so weird to think that I probably have only a couple more interviews left with him.  Splits with the APs was awesome too!  They stayed from Thursday till this morning and I got to go out with both of them.  Elder Glazier and Elder Covey are incredible teachers and I learned a lot.  Splits are the best! You learn so much from other missionaries and apply what you learn into your own teachings. #splitsfodays
- Danio is progressing well.  He came to church on Sunday.  It was cool.  Hardy's brother Teddy has been less active for a long time because he has been working on Sundays.  He says the reason he has to work is to get money for Hardy to go to the temple to be sealed to her husband.  Teddy had an interview with President and afterwards he came up to me and just hugged me and told me that he's going on a mission!  He came to church yesterday for the first time in a little while and come to find out that he knows the investigator that came to church for the first time yesterday.  Now he's going to help us teach him!  Woo hoo!

- President started a few transfers for the farther areas a little early.  Elder Reynolds left to Tana. We did get Elder Bowen who is wayy sick as well!  Freaking Elder Coleman is going to Fort Dauphin!!! What the heck!? #SAMBATRABELAHY

 - We had a great lesson with Tsihita and his family. We focused a lot on the priesthood with them this time and where the prophet fits into the picture. The spirt was very strong and things were clicking in this families heads.  It was one of those lessons that I felt I truly left my testimony there. They are a family that likes their church. I forgot something at their house and so yesterday right before church starts he comes to the church just to give me back the item.  He looked inside the church and told us that he'll come to church next time but he had a program already planned for that day. Well, thats a start. :p

- The other Elders in Mahajanga had baptisms this last Saturday!  Woo hoo!  They have two more coming up!
The church is definitely true!  I love being the Lord's instrument in this incredible work!  Love you guys!  Have a great week!  Bisous bisous!
Elder Mack
Sunday dinner in Mahajanga (pic from Sister Foote)

Dry fish anyone?

This church is called The Deeper Life Church.  Found this sign while tracting.  Haha!

It's Elder Reynold's hump day!!! We're taking him to get burgers.

The APs are always on their phones... Haha!  JK

Cleaning the church

Being funny on the beach.  Sister Foote said, "I can't put that on Instagram!" 

Thirsty anyone?

Making coconut juice!

Our Abby Road pic attempt.  Eh - we'll try this one again later... Haha!

Walk the plank!!!

Interview with President Foote on the beach (pic from Sister Foote)

Mahajanga missionaries (pic from Sister Foote)

Elder Mack and Elder Bowen (pic from Sister Foote)

On our way to the baptism (pic from Sister Foote)

Just found this pic from Zone Conference (pic from Elder Tainter)

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