Monday, May 9, 2016

5/10/16 - Last Skype, we have to, & God is good

Tratra ny Fetin'ny reny.  Mercy ry mamako malala noho ny fitiavanao.

Hey y'all!  To all the mothers out there and especially my own gorgeous mother - I love you, thank you, and Happy Mother's Day! :)  Skype was amazing and what is so weird is that was my 4th and last one on my mission.  3 months left y'all and then you get this lemur back.  Haha!  I miss all of you so much.  Thank you, thank you for all of your prayers and for your support from half way across the globe.  I'm the luckiest elder.

Highlight experience of da week:

We had a good week and met a great new family.  They are guardians for this one guy who is an American citizen.  He worked for the U.S. Army and it is way cool to talk to him.  The guardian's name is Dada and his wife is Onja.  They saw us out tracting and welcomed us into their  home.  During the first lesson we talked about baptism and they asked how long it would take to learn all the lessons and if they needed to be legally married.  They agreed to get all of those done and they also asked us to pick them up for church next week.  We are way excited for this family.  They have not been baptized in any church yet because they have never felt the need to until we came along. They loved the lesson about Joseph Smith and really want to know for themselves if it is true. The spirit was definitely strong in the lesson.  I was getting a little teary during my testimony.  I know know know that it's true and when people accept it, it is such a testimony builder.  I then asked them if we give them a Book of Mormon if they would read it. They answered saying, "We have to."

I love you all soo much.  Have a great week and remember that God loves us and will never forget us. He is good.

Elder Mack

Chillin at church

Riding a pousse pousse!

Hardy did commentary for the volleyball game

We tracted into one guy that had a Hawaii license plate

We brought a chicken to offer the hungry crocodile at Lac Sacre.  Sorry Jimmy the chicken.  Jimmy lost. 

Abel, his wife Liva, and their daughter Christina went with us to Lac Sacre.

Feeding a lemur

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