Monday, May 30, 2016

5/31/16 - Choose to be Baptized

Tratra ny fetin'ny reny eto any Madagasikara!  Mercy ry mamako malala!
Hey y'all!  I had a fun week with Elder Olsen.  We are doin' WORK!  #workinghard (practicing my hashtags) :p  It's starting to really cool down here.  It's like to the point where I need a sweater but at least its not BLAZING hot where I feel like I'm being cooked wherever I go.  It's nice!  Our investigators are doing well.  

I may have already mentioned a little bit about Feno and his mom.  We have been trying to get them to progress but the mom says she feels like she's already saved because she has already been baptized in another church.  We taught her that it was an act of faith that she was baptized and God is really happy but we explained about the priesthood and how we need that in our lives and in the ordinances that we do.  We invited her to pray about Joseph Smith and to know if the church really does have the priesthood power.  She told us the last time we visited, "I don't want to be baptized again."  It was sad to hear.  We asked her son Feno what he thought about baptism.  Feno is 22 and pretty much provides for his family.  He said that he would love to be baptized.  He said that he too was baptized but that he was a baby and he doesn't remember it.  He said he wants to be baptized now so that he can say that he made the choice to be baptized. We explained to him that baptism is his choice.  We do not force him to do anything but we just help and give the message.  But it is up to him to act!  I really hope that he will be baptized and that someday his mom's heart will soften.

I love you guys!  Have a great week!  Lindsay! Congrats on graduating!!!  Love you girl!  Spence, congrats on the superior!  You da man!!

-Elder Mack 

So sweet.  Someone made this heart landscape.

In this river there's a lot of clay.  We put it all over our faces.  Haha!

This kitten is named Little Mack!  LOL!

This is Chaelle and Danio.  They want to be missionaries too.  I couldn't get my badge off of Chaelle.  Haha!

Happy Birthday Sandratra!!

Happy Mother's Day to Mama Liva!

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