Monday, May 16, 2016

5/16/16 - "I love my area" & "Don't give up on this family!"

Hey y'all!!  Nahazo fiantsona voavoa ny namako satria mandeha moramora foana izy.  Sokatra izy.
This area is truly incredible.  I'm going to have to say that it is my favorite now.  It is literally paradise.  I love the beach, AND IT'S CLEAN!  I'm not walking in poop everywhere I go.  Haha!  I love the people here.  They receive the missionaries so well and everyone loves getting messages of Jesus Christ.  There are so many different beliefs here.  I have taught non-christians as well but they still love to let us in.  I feel like I am among friends up here. My comp is way cool and I'm just a happy guy! :)  I really want to share a little story about one of my favorite families - Jean Chry's fam.

Elder Stringfellow and Elder Anderson tracted into this amazing family.  The father Jean Chry is such an amazing guy.  He and his family are a very poor family and he is always looking for new work so he can provide for his family.  He is married with two beautiful children, a boy and a girl.  When I first got here we never caught Jean Chry at home but has expressed wanting to learn and to be with his family.  Elder Anderson kept telling me, "I'm not giving up on this family".  Jean Chry is so interested in the gospel and asks great questions when we do get to visit with him.  He is just very hard to catch.  We went there many times without him being there.  His little girl got so used to him not being home that when we knock, she tells us, "Dad's not home!"  Ugh. Haha!  Recently, he has had a harder time finding work and so he was able to spend more time to learn from us.  He hadn't been to church because of work but has always wanted to go.  Last week his little girl was sick and had been for a little.  We mentioned to him that this is the restored church with the same power that Christ had when he healed the sick and Jean Chry asked if we could give her a blessing.  The next day she was better!  He said that he wants more than anything to get legally married so that he can be baptized. We mentioned to him that he should come to church to feel of the spirit at the church and to increase his faith.  He said, "I don't have church pants."  So we gave him one.  He gave us the biggest smile as he received it.  We also taught him how to tie a tie.  On Sunday we walked in to church and guess who was in the back all ready for church to start...? :)

I love you guys!  Have a great week! :)

-Elder Mack
Elder Mack wrote, "I just realized that I only took one picture this past week and I actually didn't even take it. 
One of the members took it before branch council.  Haha!"

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